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If, as many are, you have a Gmail account that holds many important personal and business emails the"Takeout" in Gmail's "Takeout" feature provides a convenient method of backing them up. This is how you can utilize it:

Log into your Google account and go to Gmail.
Click on the icon for your profile (top left) and then select "Manage Your Google Account".
Select "Data & Privacy" (left-hand side) Scroll through into "Data from apps and services you use" and click on it.
Select "Download your data".
In the Google Takeout page, deselect all options, then scroll to you will see the Mail option.
It is possible to export data in two different formats two formats: MBOX (to allow access to emails with clients such as Mozilla Thunderbird) or JSON (for setting up user preferences only).
Click "All Mail data included" and then preview the data to be exported, select the labels that are required (or choose to leave them as default) then click OK and then scroll down to the end of the page.
Check out the export settings. Exports can be sent via an email (a hyperlink to save the files locally) or transferred onto Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive or Box. Exports can be scheduled to run once or scheduled to be run every two months for a year. Export files can be saved in .zip and .tgz formats.
Choose the compression format you want to use and then move to the next choice. If you have a large amount of data, it can be divided into smaller pieces, e.g. export size is 10GB and splitting size 2GB x 5 files to export.
Simply click "Create export" or "Link accounts".
Make sure you check your Gmail account. A message will be sent to download and control the export.
When you click "Download your files" requires confirmation of passwords, which is followed by an automatic downloading of the downloaded content.
Extract the archive in order to show the mailbox that was exported.

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